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Corey Taylor Flowers Dance Instructor

First and foremost, Corey is a proud family man, with his wife Lydia and their 9 and 11 year old sons.  Corey's dance foundations were set at a young age as evidenced by winning many awards in tap, jazz, and ballet... all before the age of 10! In 2005, Corey begin to find interest in couples dancing though it didn't become something serious for him until 2011. Since then, Corey has been competing all over the USA, garnering a name for his style and working his way up through the national ranks. Corey's teaching style has a down-to-earth flavor. In every lesson, you can expect Corey to teach others how to focus on enjoying the moment while also being able to better understand the mechanics of improv lead/follow couples dancing. Corey has a knack for being able to teach all levels of dancers at the same time and loves hecklers (except you... shhhhhhh).


Corey is a 2013 AANCE Champion, an Allstar level competitor in West Coast Swing per the WSDC, an Advanced Hustle competitor, and competes in the West Coast Swing Showcase Routine Division with Jennifer Pasetes (San Francisco). Corey currently teaches private lessons, weekly classes, and is the director for Westie Sunday Skool held in Cleveland, Ohio.

"I was prompted to get back into dancing as a way to relieve stress, meet new people, boost my confidence, get active and healthy, and enjoy life.  Dance was one thing that helped me get through a difficult time in my life and it is such a part of me now that I love and NEED to share it. I truly believe that: You + Dancing = A Better You!"     - Corey


Currently available for Teaching and Performing for parties, events, and groups.

Private lessons are available at many locations across NE Ohio and Eastern PA.

Styles available:

LA Salsa



East Coast Swing (Jitterbug)

West Coast Swing

Carolina Shag

New York Hustle

Lindy Hop

Line Dances

Flash Mob

Extreme Wedding First Dances

and More!

These styles are known as "Social" as opposed to "Ballroom" styles of dance. Social dances are more commonly found to be danced at Latin clubs, local bars, and are more relaxed. Most styles taught are Lead/Follow dances where you learn to dance with another person WITHOUT the need to remember choreography. Flash mobs, Extreme Wedding First Dances, and Line dances typically involve choreography.

Corey Taylor Flowers Dance Instructor

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