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Check out video from competitions, workshop weekends, and performances.


Scroll down though and enjoy!

Corey Flowers and current partner, Jennifer Pasetes compete in the prestigious Showcase Division with their routine "Candy Cane" at

The Open 2017, November 25, 2017 in Burbank California.

Corey Flowers and Lura Johnson came together over New Years Eve 2017/2018 to dance a lyrical West Coast Swing to a live performance of Phillip Glass's "Facades" at the Garth Newel Music Center in Hot Springs, Virginia. 

Cleveland represented in the 2017 International West Coast Swing Flashmob! Here is a video of Cleveland's efforts in the flash mob!

Westie WEEKEND Skool in Cleveland, Ohio in Fall of 2016 with Michael Kielbasa (San Diego) doing a demo after classes with a local Cleveland dancer Alison H.

Cleveland represented in the 2016 International West Coast Swing Flashmob! Over 3000 dancers in 240 cities participated around the world! We practice in the summer and perform in early September. Join us for 2017!

Spotlight New Years 2015/2016 in Detroit, Michigan.  Rising Star routine with Corey Flowers and Lura Johnson (of Baltimore).

Spotlight New Years 2015/2016 in Detroit, Michigan.  ADVANCED West Coast Swing / Jack and Jill with Corey Flowers (Ohio) and Ariel Penu (Florida). Random Partner, improv lead/follow dancing.

Spotlight New Years 2013-14. 1st Place Jack and Jill in WEST COAST SWING. In a Jack and Jill competition the partner you draw is completely random. This was only the second time Corey ever danced with Heather (Chicago).

Swing Fling 2015 in Washington DC.  Advanced WEST COAST SWING. Jack & Jill Competition Corey Flowers and Jacqueline Joyner from New Jersey.

Lindy Hop Performance by Corey Flowers and Dani Dowler at Ohio Burlesque's "The Roxy Remembered" event at The Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio.

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