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Tl/dr: We got married and we're throwing a party! Everyone is invited and it's free! Bring cookies for the cookie table! Let's have a great time!


On January 17th, 2017, Corey and Lydia had a very enjoyable courthouse wedding with siblings, parents, and kiddos in attendance. We were very fortunate to be able to honeymoon in Cancun for a week and had an absolutely wonderful time. 

BUT... we have yet to celebrate with extended family or any of our friends! 

We are literally inviting everyone we know: extended family, friends, students, and/or anyone that's simply happy to join the celebration. If you aren't sure if you'd be welcome, feel free to ask... but the answer is: of course you're welcome!

5pm to 7pm - Meet and greet. Light music played, more for family and non-dancers and/or those that want to be able to chat without loud music going.

7pm to 11pm - DANCE PARTY! Free! 

-Preferably- no jeans / business casual.

Catered by Sorrentos. Banquet style / serve yourself. Will be plenty enough food to feed over 100 people.

Children are welcome till 8pm.

We do not expect nor require any gifts for attendance but will be happy to accept them if you feel the desire to give one. Please help to invite family, dancers, and friends and help to remind them to NOT forget to attend!

We'd love it if you'd bring cookies to add to the cookie table! We learned recently that the "cookie table" is something we only do in Ohio. Lydia is from Indiana and has never heard of such a thing. Please bring cookies!

We hired a fantastic photo booth company:

There are photos at that will make locating the dance studio much easier for you.

Viva Dance Studio is where Corey often teaches lessons and throws dances and the owners have kindly offered the space for our wedding celebration. The space is very artsy and industrial while still very much a ballroom. The location is on the SECOND FLOOR of the Asian Town Center with an elevator and wheelchair accessible entrance. It's approximately 2 miles from downtown Cleveland and in the heart of Chinatown, surrounded by fantastic restaurants. 

Any questions, call Corey: 330.646.4449

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