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2018 - International 

West Coast Swing Rally


This is our 3rd year participating in the International Flashmob. This year, they are calling it a "Rally" though all the details are the same.

Every year, Tristan K-Choz and other French West Coast Swing pros put together choreography for the whole world to learn and dance.


Last year had 246 Cities in 41 different countries participate!

Typically, the whole world performs the choreo on the same day and this year that date is on Sept 1st (though we often perform it on more than one day). We've had an AMAZING time doing the flashmob over the last few years and this year will be no exception!

Here is the Facebook event page and the easiest place to get updates on all things that cover this year's flashmob/rally:


Three bootcamp opportunities


(Learn of the bootcamps opportunities from a recent email I sent out)​

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